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Staging a Master Bedroom

Luxurious Master Suite!

Luxurious Master Suite!

The Master Bedroom plays an important part in triggering an emotional response in home buyers!  They want their new Master Bedroom to be a luxurious escape from their hectic day, so staging the Master Bedroom is a critical step when selling a home.

      Here a few tips that will be sure to get home buyers dreaming about moving in!

  • Use soft, neutral paint and color schemes.  Earth tones are always a safe color that appeals to most.  Add a bit of “controlled color” with accessories like pillows and throws.
  • Make the room appear larger by limiting the amount of furniture; the bed, nightstands, dresser and/or chair, depending on the size of the room.  Too much furniture will make the room appear small and cramped. 
  • Remove any TV’s, computers or exercise equipment….remember, luxurious retreat!
  • Create a focal point.  The bed is generally the focal point in a Master Bedroom so invest in some new luxurious bedding that gives a spa retreat feel.
  • Remove all personal items and family photos.  You want buyers to be able to see themselves in the home, seeing the home owners personal items will make buyers uncomfortable and feel as though they are invading someone else’s personal space.

     Just remember these tips when staging a Master Bedroom: neutral, spacious, relaxing and tranquil!


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