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Understanding the psychology of a home buyer is an important factor when preparing a home for sale in today’s market!

With this being said, knowing how the decision making process works will certainly give home sellers a leg up against other listings in their market!

It’s important to remember that home buyers shop with logic but end up buying on emotion! The search for their “dream” home is an emotional  experience, no matter if they are a first time home buyer or not!

Buyers need to be able to visually move into a home, envisioning their family and personal items in each room.  Once this vision happens there is an emotional connection and nothing else seems to matter, all the logical items on their list go out the window! How do home sellers achieve this?

  • Declutter and remove all personal items
  • Clean until each room is sparkling
  • Update fixtures, colors and décor

Finally the most important, and for some, the most complicated…..

  • Create a vision in each room!  Each room should be decorated or “staged” so that buyers can see themselves and their family members relaxing, enjoying and living happily in those spaces!

So as you can see, even though decluttering and cleaning are essential, paying attention to the psyche of the home buyer is the key to success!

A note about vacant homes….Did you know that most people don’t have a knack for decorating?

And many can’t imagine how a room will look with furniture in it!  In fact studies show that only 10% of home buyers can visualize a home   furnished!

That means that 90% of home buyers need some type of furnishings and décor to visualize and make the important emotional connection that results in offers!