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Garages are high on the “must have” list for Home Buyers!

For most home buyers a garage is a must!  They are looking for a space to protect some of their most valuable possessions…cars, tools and recreational equipment! 

Surprisingly enough, home owners neglect to stage this important asset when selling their home.  In many cases they are filling their garage with  excess items removed from the interior of their home in preparation for  listing, leaving potential buyers wondering how they will be able to have enough space for their belongings.

I, myself, have viewed a home that the 3rd bay of the garage was so full of stored items that I didn’t realize the home had three until I was    leaving and saw three garage doors!  So as you can see a neat, clean and sparse garage is important when selling a home.

Here a few tips when staging your garage:

Remove all excess and out of season items to a storage unit.

  • Sweep the floor and brush cobwebs away from the corners and ceiling.
  • Power wash the floor to remove stains and paint for a fresh new look.
  • Invest in some organizers, hooks, shelves or bins to neatly store needed items.

Follow these steps and make the most of this valuable space!