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When selling a home with pets there are many things to consider.

Did you know studies show that over 60% of home buyers do not have a cat or a dog? These home buyers could have allergies or just don’t like having pets in their home!  Taking that into consideration, having signs of a pet in your home during showings could send buyers running!


Here are a few tips that will help your home appear pet free:

  • Remove everything pet related- food bowls, beds, toys and pictures.
  • Vacuum daily as well as prior to showings to eliminate pet dander
  • Make sure all stains, litter boxes and dog potty pads are removed
  • Open windows to let in fresh air
  • Double check outdoor spaces for pet damage
  • Remove your pet from the home during showings


Following these tips will not only keep your home appearing pet free but will ensure that your pet is also happy and safe!

Contact Desings for Living for a Home Staging Consultation and get a complete Pet Plan customized for your specific needs!