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A down to earth chat about Home Staging…

   Home Staging is many things, but the most important purpose of Home Staging is merchandising one of your most valuable possessions so that you receive the best return on your investment.

When selling your home it is no longer about your taste, wants or likes!  Staging is about appealing to the needs of a broad range of home buyers. The more buyers that are interested in your property, the more valuable it is!  The more valuable your property the higher the offers!  The end result is a larger return on your overall investment!

Here are some important recommendations your home stager will give you and why you should follow her advice…


  1.  Update, replace or shampoo carpeting.

One of the most difficult barriers buyers have trouble seeing past is dirty, worn or dated carpeting!  I consistently hear frustrated home owners tell me about negative comments from buyers when carpeting has a dated color.  Why?

Worn or outdated carpeting is a visual roadblock and red flag for potential buyers, giving them the impression that the entire home is outdated or neglected!  These negative reactions can result in either lowers offers or buyers walking out the door moving on the next home on their list!

2.  Repaint bold, drab or dirty walls.

No matter how beautiful one room looks, it will all be forgotten when a potential buyer walks into another room where paint, wallpaper or paneling is bold, drab, dirty or outdated!

Statistics show that 90% of home buyers cannot visualize how their possessions will work in these rooms, nor do they want to go to the extra time and expense of repainting!  Today’s buyers are looking for updated turnkey homes!

3.   Repair or update damaged or dirty fixtures.

Another distraction and concern for potential buyers is outdated, dirty or damaged light fixtures, faucets or sinks.

These are intimidating projects for most buyers and they will be scared away, sending them out the door to look for new construction homes!

Investing in these repairs and updates before you list your home is well worth the time and money.

A study by HomeGain shows the return on your investment for these major concerns of today’s homebuyers!

  • Return on your investment of replacing or shampooing carpeting…295%
  • Return on your investment of repainting interior walls…250%
  • Return on your investment of updating electrical…309%
  • Return on your investment of updating a kitchen…237%
  • Return on your investment of updating a bathroom…172%

      As you can see, there is a big return on these investments!  Not only could these repairs and updates potentially increase the value of your property, they can also help reduce the length of time your home is on the market!

A Home Staging Consultation will help you determine what updates are needed and help select the right  colors, styles and looks that today’s home buyers are looking for!  Not only will a Home Staging Consultation save you time and stress, it too will give you a return on your money!

  • Return on your investment of a HOME STAGING CONSULTATION…586%