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With spring upon us, its time for home sellers to turn their attention to curb appeal.  Spring is a time of renewal—everything fresh and new, a time to dream of things to come.  That means more prospective  buyers out driving by to take a look at homes that they have checked out online!

Creating curb appeal is a great DIY project and in most cases can be achieved with a few simple steps.

  • Remove all signs of winter by raking up leaves and debris. Cutting back dead flowers and trimming back shrubs will give you a fresh start for new growth.
  • Clean out the flower beds.  Put in fresh mulch and  plant bright flowers for a new landscape look.
  • Draw buyers into the front porch and give it a fresh new look buy painting the front door and trim.  Install new door hardware, knocker and mail box.  Add a pot  of colorful flowers on the porch and buy a new door mat.
  • If you have an outdoor area, such as a terrace, patio or porch, add some stylish outdoor chairs and table to show the potential!

 These are all easy, affordable projects that can easily be done in a weekend and will leave prospective home buyers wanting to see more! 

What is curb appeal?  It’s that something special about a home that catches the eye of the passer-by and makes them want to take a closer look.